Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh, crack!

I sanded.  I cleaned.  I painted.  Then it happened.  My paint crackled.  Oh, snap!
I'm convinced you can't predict and prevent paint from crackling. 
However, you can always fix them!
Step 1 - Sand the area all the way down to nothing.  Clean off dust completely.
During times like this, I find I'm a bit crabby.  I recommend sanding alone.
(FYI: paint drips can be fixed with the same steps)

Step 2 - Repaint area.  Try to avoid heavy coats.  Spray lightly.  Add a second light coat.  If you still see patched area, add a third coat.  Spray and blend paint with entire area of piece after the second coat.  

Tah, dah!  Can't tell where I patched.
Like the Dora the Explorer reflection from my daughter's pillow? Just keeping it real.  :)
Anyway...headboard turned out great!
I get the most crackle incidents with glass.
Once I sand, clean and repaint - crackle, snap and pop always go away.  
Be patient...sand and repaint!  The end result will make you happy.


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