Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shop Thrift or Shop...

I enjoy thrifting.  My competitive juices start flowing when I'm in a thrift store.  I enjoy the hunt for a good deal.  Listed below are my thoughts on thrift.... 

Easiest item to find at a thrift store.  The clothes at Goodwill are organized by color.  I appreciate the thought they put into the organization of their stores.  The number of name brands available is shocking and amazing.  To add - many are in perfect condition.  If you need, say a simple red shirt, consider going to a thrift store to find it.  You'll find it as a tshirt, tank, turtle neck, blouse, blazer, sweater, and so on.

If you are hosting guests and need a few extra glasses, don't go shopping for a new set!  Consider going to your nearest thrift store.  Glasses are easy to clean and they seldom shows wear.  Why not?  The same goes with silver serving trays, punch bowls, and vases. 

If you like it, you must buy it or else someone will.  There are always headboards and end tables.  I've also found desks and hutches.  With a little creativity, furniture can be cleaned, sanded and painted to look brand new!  Most of the furniture posted on this site was purchased from a thrift store.

Many thrift stores are tied to a charity or non-profit organization.  Most notably, Goodwill provides job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have a disability, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges.  Other service related thrift stores we visit are Bibles for Missions, Treasure Chest for Morning Star Mission, Salvation Army, and St Vincent De Paul Society. 

Think of all of the couches and hutches that would be piled in our landfills if it weren't for thrift stores!
Pay attention to prices.  Figure out what you think would be a good deal before you shop.  And just try it.  You may find a lot of great deals.


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