Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheers to the Two Tiered Tables

When we found this table, we felt it had the potential to be cute. The two levels make it so you can have a lamp on one level and the magazines or books on the other. The drawers add more space!

Two Tier End Tables
Ingredients: Graco cordless paint sprayer, Valspar Signature Color Hazy Dawn (paint and primer in one step), paintable wall paper, glass knob

  • Sand and clean. Yes, tedious. Sanding will remove nicks and scratches. Clean after you sand because the piece will be very dusty. Paint won't stick if dust is present.
  • Check drawers. I learned something new with this project. Slide drawers open and closed. If the drawers "stick", sand the area. This will help out!
  • Apply paintable pre-pasted wall paper to flat surfaces. We used wall paper to cover up imperfections on the flat surfaces of the tables.
    • Cut the wall paper before wetting it - recommend an extra inch wide on the edges. Set the paper in 2 inches of water. I let it "set" for 20-30 seconds. My daughter just learned how to count to twenty - so we tested her skills! :-) The paste is ready when it feels like Elmer's White School Glue to your touch. Gently, fold wall paper in half. This helps to activate the glue. Drain excess water off wall paper. Don't make creases in the paper!
    • Apply to your piece of furniture. Center it. Wipe the top of the wall paper with a damp cotton towel to remove bubbles. Glue will ooze out of the edges. That's ok. Just wipe it off. Trim the edges with a razor knife when the paper is wet. Let it dry for 24 hours before you paint. No cheating!
    • Wall paper closeup picture will be added soon.
  • Paint two coats of Valspar paint. The all-in-one paint and primer works great - sticks very well to the wall paper.
  • Add glass knob for finishing touch!


Adorable or what???

Closeup of After...

The wall paper is a subtle touch, barely noticeable!

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  1. Hi Jennifer...I'm over from Inspiration Friday. Your blog is very cute. I am a lover of anything yellow and this table is, in my opinion, perfect.
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  3. The tables look marvelous! I love the yellow and I love your very detailed post :)After is always better.

  4. Table looks so much better... Like these two tiered ones! Good Job!

  5. Totally adorable! Perfect color choice and we are so thrilled that you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday this week! :-)

  6. @Ann from On Sutton Place
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  9. @CeCe
    Awe, thanks! Two-tiered tables are everywhere aren't they? Just a matter of what to do with them, and we were pretty happy with these!

  10. @At The Picket Fence

    Thanks for hosting the link party, Vanessa - We hope to post many more projects!

  11. Very cute!! Your hard work paid off. I am visiting from FEATHERED NEST FRIDAY.

  12. Such little charmer!! Looks great in the new coat of pretty paint! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday~ Hope you will come share again soon! :)

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  14. Very cute. I recently refinished a similar table, but mine had doors on top. It looks so much better yellow.

  15. Love makeovers! Thank you for sharing

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