Friday, April 1, 2011

Baseball Hats

The laundry room is the "dumping ground" in our home.  It is located between our garage and kitchen.  The kids turn into zombies when they walk through the garage door.  Something causes them to instantly drop their coats, bags, colors, papers, you name it once they walk through the door.  This room will be an ongoing conversation. 

I'm going to start the laundry room "chat" with BASEBALL HATS.  It's baseball season, so I thought this topic would be very "festive" to blog.

We have a hat for anything.  My family members can't part with most of them.  I need a solution to store the hats, as well as be able to see them.  I've tried hooks for hats.  No one in our house can get a hat on a hook.  I've tried containers.  Containers take space.  I don't want my room to have the look of a department store with items piled high on shelves.  We already have too many containers.

SO - why not on the curtain rod?

We can see them!  They are off the floor!  You need to make sure your rod is supported in the middle.  That's the only tricky part. 

The hats have been pretty simple to get down so far.  I'm pretty excited about this!  The "look" fits for my laundry room.  Here's hoping someone out in blog world will find my idea useful, too! 


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