Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brass Chandeliers - Part 1

Prepping the brass chandeliers has been time consuming.  I want to share a tip to help you out.  TEST the power before you paint.  Not all chandeliers work - fact of the resale world.  Wouldn't it be a bummer to paint all to find out the chandelier doesn't work?  TEST THE POWER!

I'm an electrical junkie.  I've wired many switches and outlets.  If you aren't sure of yourself with wiring - you will want to get help from someone who has wiring experience.

Let me show you how I tested my 'brass'. 

Step #1 - You need a plug.  A plug that can be plugged into an outlet.  Must easier than hard wiring!  You can purchase a plug from any hardware store.  They are in the electrical aisle.  Here's a picture of mine...

You will be taking the two ends of the wire and wrapping them around the two silver screws in the plug.  One wire on each screw.  Close the black plastic cover.  My plug has a screw that holds the cover shut.  It's important you make sure the plastic cover is completely closed.  If you don't, you will get shocked.  I'm speaking from experience!  I've tried all the short cuts possible with electricity and my husband.  Yeah...short cuts are not a good idea when you are dealing with electricity. :-) 

Step #2 - Light Bulbs.  Using light bulbs that work is very important.  This may sounds like a no-brainer but, well, broken bulbs happen. 

Step #3 - Prayer.  Pray the chandelier will work.  OK - this step is optional. 

Step #4 - Plug it in!

Hope you find this helpful!  Prep work takes time and can be tedious.  You need to prep the 'brass' in this case or else you will be wasting a lot of time. 


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